Negative Certificate for Travel
by a PCR test from Japan

"16,000 yen, on the Test Date"

We issue the negative
certificate for
international travel by a PCR test.
It is available for more than
180 countries in the world.

Send the certificate to
your smart phone
on the PCR test date.

Only Nagoya supports China,
Only Shinjuku and Tranomon supports Hong-Kong

Select the Test Place

Quick Help

  • Price

    16,000 yen

    JP yen Tax included.

  • Booking

    Select the Test Place

    Select your test place, first.
    Then you can book your test.

  • Issue Date

    On the test date

    You can receive the certificate
    on your PCR test date.

  • Must-have


    Bringing your passort is mandatory.

  • Appointment

    Website only

    Available only from our website.

  • Cancel

    from the
    confirmation mail

    You can cancel the test by yourself
    from the confirmation mail
    from us
    before your test date. Refund 100%.

  • Receipt

    on the Test Date

    You can receive the receipt
    at the counter on the test date.

  • Not for Traveling

    You can take the PCR test as a
    self check
    without the certificate
    for traveling.

    Select the Test Place

Test Place
Select the test place and book a test


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